Dragon Land Hack and Cheats

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Dragon Land Hack & Cheats Revealed

Developer Social Point is known for its pet-breeding games like Dragon city and Creature Legend. But this time, it has got something unique for players. Rather than the typical breeding game, programmers have created a Mario-like game full of amazing 3D levels that breathe life into the platformer genre. Dragon Land features your favorite fire-breathing creatures from Dragon City, but instead of flocking around their base, they’re going to be climbing walls, gliding on air, leaping over obstacles and hitting the bad guys. Each creature has a unique capacity that may help you total amounts and overcome barriers.

The layout of each level is top-notch. Kids and grownups will find playing every level exceptionally rewarding. Swift Play degrees are tougher, although effort amounts are demanding. Together with the help of this guide, you bring in more rewards can overcome on degrees and discover more about each dragon’s abilities and upgrade advantages:

1. Benefit From a Dragon’s Unique Abilities in Every Amount

Every dragon land has a unique ability. Whereas walls can scale Blaze can glide. Blizzy can stomp and Ice Cube flap-flaps to go from one spot to another. While playing, you are able to change to a different dragon if the surroundings demands thus. For instance, in one degree, I had to change to Blaze because the degree had an area where I need to go from one platform to the other and just gliding could have made it possible for me to move.

Keep a watch on signboards. They demonstrate how to overcome barriers and many times a signboard will probably be put near a place telling you that obstacles in this area can be cleared utilizing a dragon’s specific ability. You may have found such signboards simply beside tremendous walls. Such signboards tell Ricky’s wall rock climbing ability to be used by you.

However, some amounts are dragon-exclusive and you also won’t be able switch to a different creature in the middle of a level or to pick another dragon when beginning a level. You can readily identify such amounts before playing them, just tap on a level in the map and if there’s no “Change Dragon” button, then that amount will not let you shift a dragon or switch to another fire breathing creature while playing.


In 3D levels, it may be hard bounce off an enemy or to hit a block. But thanks to block and your dragon’s ‘s shadows, you can quickly see their situations. You’ll be able see your dragon’s shadow when you press the jump button to bounce from a creature. This can give you an obvious thought of your dragon’s position. Its shadow will signal whether you are right on target or it’s a miss.

Similarly, you can also begin to see the shadow of a block floating midair. The shadow of the block will reveal its exact position, and you also can hit on it by moving your dragon in between the block and its shadow.

3. Blocks Not Only Feature Coins, But Also Boosters

When you leap to hit on blocks you get coins. But not all blocks comprise coins. The most typical booster which you would readily get is “Strike”. It activates your dragon’s secondary ability. Boosters are not always hidden inside boxes. Many could be seen scattered around a level, floating in midair. Booster blocks that are such have a colour that is unique and generally have a gold border around them.

You would normally spend jewels to get boosters. Since jewels are not simple to bring in, you can try hitting every box you see to get boosters. And because campaign amounts usually are not time based, it is possible to take your time and effort hitting them for rewards and trying to find blocks. Any booster that you receive from blocks is restricted to that amount and won’t be carried over to the next degree. So try to use them to earn coins.

4. Kinds of Boosters

There are different types of boosters:

Shield: Safeguards your dragon against enemies and dangerous obstacles. When the dragon reaches an obstacle or an enemy, the shield goes away.


Strike: Activates attack. You are able to exploit on the attack button to ruin creatures once activated.

Tireless: When a wall is climbed by a dragon or glides, some energy is required by it. The blue bar below the dragon’s well-being bar shows just how much energy is left. Keep pressing on the special skill button until it becomes empty and the blue bar decreases. It takes time to refill the blue energy time, but the blue bar does not decrease whatsoever.

Turbo: Raises dragon speed to get several seconds.

Visit Shop if you prefer a booster before playing a level and press the Boosters tab key. You will need stone to get them. It is possible to activate a booster by tapping on the button at the top of the display and after that harnessing the booster that is purchased.


The game shows a listing of benefits earned, after finishing a degree. The list reveals jewels and coins as well as XP earned for the reason that level. The expertise gained once it’s full and fills XP meter or the level, your dragon gets upgraded to a brand new amount. It is possible to, however, speed upgrades up. There will be a little exclamation mark on it demonstrating the dragon could be leveled up.

Updating your dragon raises damage points and its health points. For example: its Flamethrower abilities can be boosted by Blaze’s damage points.
When it fails to meet with degree prerequisites try to upgrade a dragon.

Each dragon also has a max level. Keep upgrading a dragon and when it reaches its max level, it may be evolved into a bigger, more powerful dragon. Nevertheless, development costs pink gems, which are difficult to earn. Rely on them wisely.